About us

DeskWalls-387-1024x640The company Sagia Conect SRL was established in 2004.

The concept behind the establishment of the company was that of integrated business, so we try to offer comprehensive and complete services to our customers.

We translate documents, manuals, books, informative reading materials and commercials.

We provide business start-up services for foreigners and not only, ensuring the entire documentation bilingually.

We provide business start-up assistance, performing training activities for foreign languages, interviews and preselection of personnel, and intermediation services for outsourcing and subcontracting activities.

In this regard, we collaborate with lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, loan brokers, legal advisers, translators, etc.

We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services in many languages, in the locations required by the client. For a detailed offer, we need information about the event.

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