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image2Translation outsourcing

 An own translation department has often proven to be not a good choice, given the fact that, in most cases, the volume of work is not constant, and the payroll costs are not negligible.

The solution is to choose a flexible service provider both in terms of deadlines and prices, a translation partner to become familiar with the culture and philosophy of the company and to operate as one of its departments.

Even if you choose to keep your translation department, you can call us when the volume of work exceeds the capacity of the internal translators, or when you need urgent translations.

Our team of translators, proofreaders and project managers are available to provide you:

  • Certified translations (stamped by the authorized translator)
  • Legalized translations¬† (notarized)
  • Translations delivered electronically (laws, contracts, reports, manuals, correspondence, etc.)
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